Training Services

TUI provides training services through presentations on invitation, training workshops, seminars, youth camps, and learning visits. Training manuals have been developed and used during trainings. These trainings aim to change mindsets from despondency to positive action, promote unity in diversity, provide technical knowledge on cooperatives and make citizens aware of their responsibility in building a newUganda.

Advocacy – Training includes understanding development paradigms, national policy and political context, government policy framework; citizen rights and duties; constituency building; planning advocacy and campaigns; organizing and implementing non-violent campaigning; communications; negotiations, and influencing.

Cooperatives – training includes unity in diversity; cooperatives governance and management; entrepreneurship and business planning; financial and legal literacy; action planning and follow up service.

Youth Camps – These are youth leadership and opportunity camps that covers; the national potential; leadership; mindset change, and unity in diversity; cooperative governance and management; financial and legal literacy; entrepreneurship and business planning; career planning; future personal action plans.

Leadership – This training targets political leaders and draws from practical expertise of those who have been in practice plus experts with an African context experience. The political leaders targeting aims to support the growth of strong political party and organizations for a better democratization process. It recognizes that fact that poverty and ignorance continues to be a major factor in weakening the democratization progress in Uganda.

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