Generating  Wealth Together

Generating  Wealth Together

Our Work

The Uhuru Institute for Social Development aims to inspire citizens to collectively generate wealth and participate peacefully and actively in building a responsive democratic governance in Uganda. Over the last three years TUI has learnt on the job and perfected our vision and mission for building a citizen-led social, economic transformation. TUI supports Ugandans to organize for wealth creation, advocating for and utilizing quality social services, and participating in building a peaceful, prosperous, and happy nation. TUI promotes an equitable society led by a developmental state, run alongside the principles of a social market economy that puts the citizen at the center of an inclusive, cooperative, and equitable system. TUI uses a social business model that promotes citizen collective ownership for sustainable long term financing of transformation from within. The institute invests in mindset change to stimulate local productivity and responsibility for effective participation in collective wealth creation and a culture of democracy and peace. The institute promotes collective citizen action for increasing savings, and investments through community organizing, based on co‐operatives principles and values for protecting human rights, restoring human dignity and nurturing democratic practice. We strongly believe that without innovation, no organization or community can succeed with sustainable enterprises.

TUI enterprises are designed to speak to the realities and aspirations of the youth and equal participation of women and men in all our enterprises, we also encourage our partners to ascribe to the similar ideology and institutional culture. Because our work is driven by a citizen-is-central agenda, we work with and support already existing cultural and religious institutions, economic collectives, such as cooperatives, and political organizations to achieve our objectives which are:

  1. To effectively contribute to revitalizing the cooperative movement with active and productive membership contributing to the socio-economic transformation in Uganda;
  2. To build TUI into a center of excellence for citizen-led transformation of Uganda.

Our initial interventions were simultaneously part of a fact-finding mission that has placed TUI in a better position to design businesses that directly respond to the needs of the citizens. Since her registration in 2013 TUI implemented research studies, business development support, incubation, and training of trainers in; responsible citizenship, cooperatives management, business planning, financial literacy, civic mobilization and non-violent advocacy campaigns. Participants include, youth leaders, entrepreneurs, cooperators, local government leaders, religious and cultural leaders in the 15 sub-regions of Uganda.