It’s amazing how much we can together achieve with just a small contribution from people like you and an addition from The Uhuru Institute. Your contribution will make a real difference in the lives of millions of Ugandans. Your contribution can provide skills trainings, start up capital, incubation, mentorship, new technologies, and creating new innovations. You can also contribute to a pool for human rights defense, anti-corruption work, promoting efficient management and democratic practice. You can contribute your time, your innovative ideas, linking us to your networks, and directly by giving your finances to the cause for which we stand. You can contribute today through calling our offices, mobile money, visa account, PayPal online; just click on the link below to help us make change happen.


Support youth leadership and enterprenuership development

Youth leadership and opportunity camps that covers; the national potential; leadership; mindset change, and unity in diversity; cooperative governance and management; financial and legal literacy; entrepreneurship and business planning; career planning; future personal action plans.

Support cooperatives In Uganda

Cooperatives – training includes unity in diversity; cooperatives governance and management; entrepreneurship and business planning; financial and legal literacy; action planning and follow up service.

Support The Uhuru Think Tank

This is a platform for ideological, and value based agenda, backed by evidence based research, to influence government and public opinion in favor of the cooperative movement. It is a knowledge hub for those who seek social, economic and political change through targeted research, think pieces, working papers, and public dialogues. The think tank also provides training services in the area of mindset change, civic responsibility, advocacy, cooperatives, entrepreneurship, and business planning, legal and financial literacy.

Support Our Campaigns

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